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CEO/ Founder of DMCA Technologies (Pty) Ltd and inventor of the P.C.R.D, Christopher Amabi, wishes to introduce the P.C.R.D to the general public to help provide affordable electricity. This device generates electricity by itself without the use of the common components such as coal and batteries.

What is the strategy / vision?

Our goals and objectives include the following:

  • Providing uninterrupted power throughout the country. The poor electricity power supply has been a major factor which affects our economic growth. The PCRD can help with the issue of interrupted power supply.
  • Several communities in certain areas where raw materials are naturally located are still in total darkness, due to the fact that the national grid power supply is not sufficient for the nation.
  • There are difficulties and costs involved in transmissions and distribution processes. The PCRD will overcome the stress of transmissions, as the device has the ability to generate, transmit, and distribute electric power from the same place and region at a reduced price.
  • The PCRD is designed for job and wealth creation for its users, because when there is constant and affordable power supply, it will attract both local and international foreign investors to do business.

    How do we plan to operate?.

    The P.C.R.D will not be sold as a product but the energy sold as a product but the energy generate will be made available to Cooperate Organizations, (Schools, private and government estates, hospitals, airports, see ports, railway corporations, hotels, banks, telecommunication companies, churches, Supermarkets and private companies etc) , rural and urban communities, state agencies etc. The reason for this because it is not a generator but a turbine that has a big capacity that start from 25kva to 10MW as a stand-alone renewable power source. We want to make the product in SA and have a branch in Nigeria where we will sell the product first. Reason for this is because SA has the engineers we need.