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Product Invention

The name of the invention is called the P.C.R.D (The Principle of Converted Regenerating Device), as the name implies, it is designed to convert the use of a mechanical engine drive into an electric drive, that will also replace the use of fuel generators, solar systems, gas turbines, hydro power and so on. It does not rely on any primary source like all other generators. The P.C.R.D is a device that generates its own electricity by a principle called the Principle of a Pendulum, it has the ability to generate power of any capacity, ranging from 25kva to 10,000MW as a stand-alone renewable energy.

What is the product / market opportunity?

In Nigeria he saw how crucial it was to have constant, affordable and reliable power supply. This device was created to meet this very demand not only in Nigeria but around the world in the many countries that need it and also to provide an affordable source in other countries that may already have electricity. Transmission and distribution of electricity is proving to become difficult in some countries and the P.C.R.D will overcome the stress of transmissions as the device has the ability to generate, transmit and distribute electricity from the same place or region at a reduced cost. The cost of the product is very affordable when compared to the cost of buying and maintain normal fuel or gas generators, even solar power system of same size and capacity. This product is environmentally friendly as it does not omit any harmful gases, smoke, noise, water, oil, wind etc like other mechanical engines. It is easy to maintain as it only requires maintenance servicing after 2 years. The initiation of this product is in line with the Vision2020 programme in innovative projects that are helpful in making life better for all.

What is the unique value proposition?

To enhance national economic growth
A country cannot attain and sustain her national economic growth without adequate, uninterrupted power supply. The PCRD offers a lasting and permanent solution.
The product is very affordable, when compared to the cost of buying and maintaining normal fuel and gas generators, even solar power systems of the same capacity and size.
It is a renewable energy that is environmentally friendly, as it has no pollution of any kind. It has no smoke, no noise, no fuel, no water, no engine oil, no wind, and no mechanical engine like every other power generators.
Low maintenance
The maintenance cost is almost zero, as it does not require the use of engines. The maintenance services is once in two years.
Low number of competitors
Because it is a new product, and the first of its kind. There will be no major competitors thus allowing us to control the market price.
International recognition
It is a product that will sell in any part of the world, as it has the ability to contend with any power generating plant in the world.
Innovation for the 21st Century and beyond
The PCRD is the best power solution for the actualization of the rural electrification of African countries and Vision 2020 initiative.
Turbine and not Generator
The PCRD product is not a generator, but a turbine that has a big capacity that start from 25kva to 10 000 Megawatts as a stand-alone renewable power.